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Italy Hotel in Misano Adriatico

3-star Hotel

Hello, I am Luke, holder of Miramare Hotel Group… and we are three! Never two without three!!

The Hotel Italy, in Misano Adriatico, is the third hotel of our hotel group and is in addition to the Hotel Miramare Hotel Miramare Inn, both owned (for the curious there are the banner at the bottom of this page).

I can tell you now the number of the hotel, because when I browse to find the phone at a site it takes the hunting dog!
Here it is: +39 0721 96 590

We have loyal customers who come back every year, even more, book for next year, already in the summer, just after the holiday. I felt it was right to do something to satisfy the demands of new customers; here’s the choice to adopt even the… “third son”.
I wonder which of the three will be male and female… oh, which?!

Which services are,
what is the feel that will breathe in the hotel?

I’m sure everything will list, thanks to the experience already lived for years in our hotel!

  • I’m sure of courtesy and sympathy!
  • I’m sure the hospitality and availability.
  • I’m sure of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • I’m sure of goodness, abundance and care for the baby food for the children but also the adults!
  • I am sure that if the kids do not eat the dishes offered, we will make changes, jelly without tantrums!
  • I’m sure that at any time someone warm milk for bottle…
  • I’m sure the bikes for a walk in the bike path to dispose of everything you eat are included in the price (All Inclusive). Even the bike path is included in the price… so it is not the hotel but the town of Misano Adriatico!
  • I am sure that all rooms have a balcony and are reachable by a panoramic lift; the view is the way in front… panoramic?! In short, what you see when you get out there!
  • I’m sure there is a promenade 10 meters and you are in the center, so fun, walking and shopping in the immediate vicinity.
  • I am sure that the floor is still to grit (80s), but…
  • I am sure we will do the themed parties with the floor, ie 80s.
  • I’m sure when you will make the party the drinks are free… Be careful not to overdo it otherwise the wives will put the mattress in the hallway…
  • I am sure that the offer is really all inclusive and room rates for this year are more than “family”… Attention to the prices, take a stroll in the rates page and attention to offers All Inclusive and also to the Last Minute! In some periods of the children and do not pay… I speak of “children” up to 16 years!
  • I’m sure there will be free internet and Wi-Fi… now we are all surfers.
  • I’m sure the offers will be at a good price.
  • I’m sure after a few days you get to know a bit ‘all and in the end we called her by name as in the cult film “Sapore di Mare” (Taste of Sea).
    De Sica, Calà – Sapore di Mare

All this is what we have done and will try to do it again, in fact I hope it is the place to start to improve again…

Hello to all,


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About us…

We are particulary and especially grateful to your courtesy...(Mattia & Alessandra)

Try it, it’s worth it! We would like to redo the holidays in this hotel... (Stefania)

The beach is well cared for and there are a lot of fun, especially for children...(Laura B.)

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